A few words on politics

Art is often seen as one of the more disposable elements of our society. Culture itself often cited as a tool of the bourgeoisie whose purpose is to label and control anything they don’t readily identify with. As such it is the artists who have the least to lose by challenging the status quo; if they are to come for us they will do so whether we oppose them or not. The act of declaring one’s innocence is often seen as defiance enough in the eyes of fascist powers. In support of this a fact which has been nearly lost to history; the House Unamerican Activities Committee, popularly remembered as the pulpit of McCarthyism, listed among its chief goals to root out the ‘prematurely anti-fascist’ along with communists. What this means is those who were on the right side too soon were cast into the same livelihood destroying vortex as our declared enemies. The lesson there is that not only can it happen here but it has before, and worse. But don’t take my word for it; ask a Native or Japanese American.
We are stocking now, while supplies last, pocket-sized copies of The Constitution of the United States. These are produced by the ACLU and include the Bill of Rights, the subsequent amendments and a ‘Know Your Rights’ section regarding police encounters. They are for sale at $3/ea to recoup the cost of purchase and shipping.

In these hostile times we suggest you all donate to or join the ACLU or buy something from their store. In the coming years we will likely need them more than ever. We also suggest you subscribe to a legitimate news outlet. We suggest The Washington Post or The Guardian US. As more news organizations hide behind access bias and normalize the indefensible it will be imperitive that those with the resolve to challenge it have our support. For the price of a trip to Benny’s or Starbuck’s you can do more good than a hashtag ever will.

Thank you.

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