Public Art Exhibit: My Family Immigrated

We are asking the good people of the greater Fredericksburg area to participate in a show of solidarity for the thousands of refugees and other immigrants who have been unjustly targeted by the current administration.

We kindly request that you submit to us your supportive doodles or prose along with the words “My Family Immigrated” in any language (your family’s earliest known native tongue or English) along with their estimated date of immigration and as much of your family’s story as you are comfortable sharing. We will also be accepting audio or video in any format.

Please try to keep physical entries 8 inches or less. Deadline is February 24th.

Drop off in person or mail to:
Evolving Art Machine
502B Sophia St
Fredericksburg Va 22401

Email files or dropbox links etc to

Facebook Event

Thank you for helping us show the citizens of Fredericksburg that we are immigrants, we are Americans, and we are your neighbors.


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