Watching Movies with EAM


Starting in December we will begin regularly showing films at EAM. There will be FREE double features every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month starting at 6pm. Depending on the films featured there may be brief discussion and/or supplementary features afterward.


Great Zombie Jesus the films we have planned. The oddest, most obscure, most evocative stuff we can find (and some more familiar stuff too) that’s covered under our license is getting thrown at the back wall. Insect alien typewriters, Nazi wizard battles, puppets with venereal infections, brains held together with belts, evil Santas, overwhelmed Satans, revenge obsessed clowns, revenge obsessed marionettes, revenge obsessed robot dogs. And that’s just the kids’ films (jk). Just so much stuff. And we’re not talking hollow edge lord nonsense, just FYI, no Serbian Films or Human Centipedes. Those are just bad movies. And not fun bad, just bad bad. Screw that. Fun bad though? That’s gonna happen more than a few times.

Ain’t Copyright Law Convoluted AF FUN?!

As a matter of contractual necessity (our license to screen can be revoked) we cannot charge admission (although, as with all our events, donations are accepted) or advertise the films by name or using any of the characters depicted in the film. However we like to think of ourselves as fairly creative people so we have arrived at some fairly creative solutions to this. First of all we will be listing detailed ratings of the films so that parents can make an informed decision as to whether to allow their children to attend. Secondly there will be hints. Ranging from easy stuff like director’s names, vague but mainly obvious plot summaries, and release dates to short clips of charade rounds. There’s no reason not to make lemonade of the odd limitations of the license.

Also It’s The Building, Not the Business

Technically we are covered for anyone to show films under our roof with our endorsement. That means if you are considering having an event at our humble spot you can now include the showing of films as part of the package! If you would like a film running behind you as your band plays that’s perfectly fine. Perhaps you’d like a film to open for your band? If you want to have some sort of Antifa Super Soldier meeting up in here and would like to show an inspiring documentary to your members that’s 100% kosher as well. Not literally any film is covered but pretty damn close to most are so email our event coordinator to clear a film beforehand and we’re golden. And just so we don’t have to answer it 1,000 times; unfortunately Toho Studios is not covered which cuts out Akira Kurosawa and most (good) depictions of Godzilla. We were bummed too, but them’s the breaks sometimes.

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