Let’s get this out of the way, shall we? From oxforddictionaries.com:


Pronunciation: /līˈsēəm/

1 The garden at Athens in which Aristotle taught philosophy.
1.1 (the Lyceum) Aristotelian philosophy and its followers.
1.2 (a lyceum) US archaic A literary institution, lecture hall, or teaching place.

Evolving Art Machine Art Studio & Lyceum is a working art studio, a retail store, a performance space, and a lectern for the interesting and esoteric. We give art lessons and sell original art and prints like most art studios, but we also sell apparel of sorts and bits of this or that we find and curate which we may or may not have arted up.

The biggest difference we’ve found between ourselves and many other studios in the area, however, is the overall tone. The bottom line is we’re weirdos. And the stuff we make is not necessarily polished; it’s mostly an experiment. And, as we know, the road to discovery is sometimes paved with dead animals in space suits. We believe that art is precious, but we’re not precious about art. Our work space is right there in front of the sales floor and we are often using it right up until someone needs help. We hold classes during retail hours as a matter of routine. There is no pedestal for the process.

We also do not and will not be having showings for well known/traditionally successful artists. The art on display is our own, that of our students, and other unknowns or little knowns. With a few exceptions that is also the general idea behind the subject matter presented as well. Our ultimate aim is to provide impetus for the local artistic counterculture by creating our own. A balefire of ideas, accidents, passion, and madness right here in your backyard.

A Secular & LGBTQ friendly establishment.

A safe place, not a safe space. What does that mean? We are staunch supporters of the free exchange of ideas, uncomfortable subjects may occasionally be confronted, but one of the owners is a large transvestite who doesn’t take kindly to bigots.

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