Creative journeys look different for everyone
Creative journeys look different for everyone

We encourage all of our students to find their own creative paths. Whether a student needs pre-planned projects taught step-by-step, or already has a plan for what they want to focus on, our classes are built to escort students through the difficult process of finding their own artistic voice. We’ll help broaden skill sets, build confidence and introduce our students into the local art community.

We believe that art should be accessible to everyone. The art scene can often be intimidating, but we are here to welcome artists, support them, and share everything we’ve learned as artists ourselves. We offer flexible classes at affordable rates.

Group Class Rates:

One hour: $12.00

90 minutes: $17.00

Two hours: $22.00


We are holding ongoing classes at our Sophia Street studio. Although classes are typically  in 2 hour blocks, due to their open nature, you can sign up for the full block or any portion of it. Classes are currently running Sunday-Tuesday. Call, text, or email for details.

We offer private lessons at $50 per hour. Email for availability.

A secular LGBTQ friendly establishment.

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