Open Mic Fri Aug 26th

EAM Open Mic
Flyer by Cable Bonney

Fredericksburg All Ages is running an open mic here tomorrow, Friday Aug 26th. It will be band friendly as they are supplying a drum set and bass amp. Some come on over and make some noise. We’ll try to post some pics after. Link to their Facebook event below.


Holy Frijoles Guys! Mira mi rana!

We’re back to posting on a real website again, the store is officially open, our credit card reader works… Why, it’s like we’re a real live business again.

Oh yeah. Some things have happened: we moved. We’re on Sophia Street now, across from Brock’s. We’ve changed entities so both the Spouses Donley are officially running the joint. We’re a store now, so that’s a thing. So remember how we only sold our students’ artwork and things on First Friday’s when we were over top of Forage? Now we do that every week from Thursday to Sunday. In our store. We sell art, clothes, knickknack things, all manner of oddness. And we still teach art lessons. We have some openings too wink wink if you wanna check the Classes page.

So swing on by some time. Open studio is on Sundays from 3pm-5pm. Bring your own supplies and 5 whole dollars.


Evolving Art Machine is in a transitional period. Classes are still going strong, but we’re also in the midst of a website overhaul, and an emphasis shuffle. And yes, that is slightly vague..on purpose.. because in the depths of the vague is complete freedom. And we like it that way.

So say goodbye to the old (ignored) website, and get ready for a whole new thang, with new exciting content and a bunch of mistakes, typos, and broken website days as we shuffle our emphasis from vague to well defined. Thank you for your patience.

The times.. are they a'change'n?
The times.. are they a’change’n?