Movie Nights

Starting in December FREE double features every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month!

Now, unfortunately, we are contractually forbidden from advertising which films by name. Yeah. It’s weird but as with nearly everything else we do; you’re just going to have to bear with us. But rest assured they’ll usually be on the odder side. Less Toy Story, more Para-Norman. Less Marvel, more Multiple Maniacs. Less Star Wars, more Naked Lunch. You’re getting it. It won’t all be terrifying journeys into madness. There will be family nights. Check our Facebook Events for details.

Live Shows

Are you in a band or just a person who likes making music or thinking at people so loud they can hear you? You may have a problem. But regardless of that you may also want to use our very tiny studio as a launchpad for your brain sounds. We have a modest PA, enough floor space to accommodate a 3-piece band comfortably, an efficiently spaced 4-piece, or even a 5-piece who are very comfortable with one another.

We are always looking for unique and diverse performers to fill our calendar. If you are interested email Another Dead Weirdo at Please include the timeframe you’re interested in and a link to your bandcamp or soundcloud pages for reference. We prefer to book at least a month out to maximize promotional impact but exceptions may be made. Footage from some of our previous events can be found on our YouTube page.

Previous performers include:
Ships in the Night
Jesse Etc
Small Hands
Another Dead Weirdo
Cape Farewell
Infant Island
The Weak Days


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